Basic Bidets – Redefining Standards of Hygiene and Comfort

Hygiene is something that should be as much a part of our life as eating food or sleeping is. And when hygiene comes with comfort, it makes life so easy. Redefining the standards of hygiene and comforts are Bidet with thei ideal solutions to hygienically clean when in washroom. Many people are happy cleaning their backside with toilet paper when using rest room. Little do they realize that toilet paper cannot completely cleanse and sanitize the delicate area, which leaves it prone to bacterial attacks. Bidet NY offers high pressure cleaning using water jet shot through a high pressure nozzle.

Among the many types of bidets on offer is the most basic ceramic Basin Type Bidet that is fitted alongside toilet. When used on the toilet seat, the water gushes upwards to wash you. The company also offers plastic made Simple Bidet Seat attachments that are designed to be fixed on the existing toilet. These efficient attachments don’t take much space too. Among the most advanced ones from Bidet NY are Electronic Bidet NY seat attachments that operate on electricity. With interesting features like retractable telescopic wash nozzles, warm and cold water washing, warm air dry, seat heating systems, adjustable washing positions etc, these electronic seat arrangements have actually made hygiene so easy to get.

For those professionals who are always on move, there is Portable bidet too. These easy to carry portable bidet can fit easily in your luggage without taking much space. Carry them with you where ever you go to ensure that your hygienic cleansing after using the washroom is never compromised. From warm water supply to comfortable seat, these portable bidets have almost all the features. They are also a blessing for couples with young children. Now, offer your kids protection from hemorrhoids problems, infections and itching with them.

In fact the benefits of bidet NY are such that once you use it, you will not like to use toilet paper again. Check out the latest models of Portable bidet along with detailed instructions of installations at

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Dispelling Fallacies Surrounding the use of Bidets

Most of us, who have been using toilet paper for generations, find the concept of using bidets a bit awkward. However, if we remember the fact that most of our everyday body cleansing is done with water, it will be easier to accept the concept of using bidets. Not only is the bidet a more natural way of cleaning yourself after going to the restroom, it is in fact more hygienic as well. However, given the skeptical nature of human mind, many misconceptions have been making rounds about the usage of bidet.

One of the most common misconceptions about bidet usage is that it will discharge the water up into the bottoms. This is entirely untrue as the device is designed to spray the water on the outer surface of the butt. Moreover, one can control the speed of flow of water as per one’s own comfort level.

Another common misconception that concerns people considering installing a bidet is that it will cause large amounts of water to be wasted. Studies have shown that the average time for which people wash their butts with the help of a bidet is around fifteen seconds. It is therefore quite understandable that the quantity of water used during this duration is definitely much lesser than what it takes to clean one’s hands.

Some people also feel that the saving of toilet paper will be negated by the water wasted through the usage of bidets. For the information of such people, the manufacturing of a single roll of toilet paper requires many gallons of water, which can be easily saved by using bidets.

People also doubt whether a bidet will fit in their bathrooms or not. Well, there is a wide range of bidets available in the market and one can chose as per one’s need and bathroom space. Moreover, the choice can also be made between a hand operated bidet and an electronic bidet as per budget and convenience.

If you are planning to install a bidet now to have a more hygienic cleaning experience, check out Here you will find a wide variety of bidets. at a very reasonable price. Method of installation has also been explained on the site itself with the help of a video. To find the bidet that fits well into your budget and fulfills all your requirements, logon to

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Make a Smart Move – Switch to Bidets

Looking good is not just a matter of wearing good clothes and speaking well. To look good, you need to feel-good about yourself. Poorly maintained hygiene is a big turn off for anybody. Not only your hygiene affects your confidence level, it also shapes the perception of people about you. Bidets have taken our hygiene standards higher than we ever could ever imagine.

There is huge difference in the level of cleanliness provided by a toilet paper and that provided by a bidet. We come across many cases of food poisoning due to faecal bacteria contamination. These are all a result of insufficient cleaning and this gives micro-organisms a chance to get inside our body and cause several types of infections. A huge number of men and women overlook the importance of washing their hands after they use the washroom. With its complete hands free operation, bidets makes sure that you are germ-free even after your washroom trip.

Many patients who suffer from hemorrhoids and urinary tract infection develop rashes around their genitalia which are further aggravated by the use of toilet paper. Various scents and colours used in the toilet paper is the main culprit. Bidets not only prevent various infections but it also helps in easing cramps, constipation, and rashes.

Research shows that 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper are consumed by Americans alone each year. It gives rise to one of the biggest environmental hazards as all the paper we use comes from cutting millions of trees which negatively impact our environment. On the other hand, water not only provides perfect hygiene but it is also a natural and environmental friendly cleanser.

As we live in a hi-tech world, its time to take your personal hygiene also to a higher level. So, it is very crucial that we all say good-bye to toilet paper and have bidets in our homes to ensure easy and effective cleaning.

Basic Bidet, a leading bidet shop, offers a wide range of high quality, electric and non-electric bidets for enhanced personal hygiene. For more information about the different types of bidet available, please logon to their website at

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Why You Need to Use Bidets Instead of Toilet Tissues

So you are one of those people who worry about global warming and carbon footprints you would leave. You recycle and have installed solar lights in your garden besides staying away from plastic bags. But have you ever thought about the trees that have to be cut to make tons of toilet paper you flush down the toilet every year? In fact, millions of people use bidets every day as they know that toilet paper is not only damaging for planet but also less hygienic.

Bidets have been around for centuries in Europe and rest of the world where people realise that water is a better cleaning agent than paper. Wiping with paper can leave traces of filth on your back side but gushing water can clean it absolutely. Earlier bidets used to be separate fixtures next to the toilet seats but now lots of people prefer to get them attached to their existing toilet. Bidets offer quite a number of options to choose from including a wide range of designs and extra luxuries. If you live in colder terrain, you can easily choose an electric bidet as it provides warm water for better cleaning and comfort.

Even certain models of non-electric bidets allow switching between two water sources. So you can attach the hose to your water heater that heats water for your shower. Heated seats, pulsating streams, temperature adjustment for washing stream and integrated dryer options available in the market makes selecting a bidet difficult. Now you can bid toilet papers goodbye forever and say hello to good personal hygiene with lots of pampering in restroom.

Bidets not only aid in good personal hygiene but also improves your health by cutting down on infection. Water has been recognised world over as the best agent for cleaning then why not use it for cleaning one of the most sensitive parts of the body? Fresh running water from bidets soothes and gentle removes germs and bacteria from your posterior without irritating it the way rough and abrasive tissue paper does. is a great place to find a wide variety of bidets at one place. No matter what your requirement or budget is, you are sure to find just the right bidet to suit all your needs. To find the wide variety of latest and affordable bidets, logon to

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Why Bidets are Best Cleaning Option For The Aged, Disabled And Overweight People

When it comes to toilet hygiene, most elderly, disabled and overweight people face difficulties in using the conventional methods of cleansing because of their inability to move freely. In such situations, toilet bidets provide a more hygienic alternate to toilet paper as they are not only easy to use but also do not require much movement. People, who have never used a bidet for cleansing themselves, might fail to understand the convenience and better cleaning experience it provides.

Aged people often find it difficult to bend and reach their backsides for cleaning themselves after a big job. For them a bidet is extremely useful as it enables them to clean their butt by touch of a button. They no longer need to bend or bear the pain caused by trying to reach their back in order to clean it. All they need to do is sit and wait as the spray of water cleans their butt. It also reduces the chances of their getting hurt while using the restroom as they do not need to move around a lot or adjust their postures.

A bidet is also the perfect choice for the physically disabled people, especially those who can not move their hands and arms freely. Such people generally require the assistance of a friend or caretaker to wipe them clean every time they go to the bathroom. This not only makes them lose their self confidence also batters their dignity. Using a bidet enables such people to clean themselves without any help and this not only reduces their sense of helplessness but also boosts their confidence.

Apart from the aged and disabled people, bidets are also preferred by overweight people. For many overweight people cleaning themselves is an uphill task as their bodies do not allow them to make even simple movements, effortlessly. Movements like bending and reaching their behind are not as easy for them as they are for normal people. For them a bidet is no less than a blessing as it enables them to clean themselves easily and without much movement.

Basic Bidet, a leading bidet shop, offers a wide range of high quality, electric and non-electric bidets to help enhance personal hygiene to everyone including children, senior citizens, people with physical handicap and Hemorrhoids.

For more information about the different types of bidet available, please logon to their website at



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A Bidet Toilet Seat For All Dirty Bums

Dirty bums aren’t only those who dig through trash in the alley behind a restaurant on Saturday nights. There’s an entirely different class of dirty bums exists and for all you know, you may be one of them, unwittingly. Bums of this class clean up with toilet paper after using the toilet. You need not feel bad if you belong here because you and majority of Americans were never shown a better way. Maybe you are not aware of a billion dollar pulp and paper industry which stands to gain from your misplaced belief that soft and sanitary toilet paper is best for your bums when it isn’t!

Beware! You have been fed on a big old lie for too long. Toilet paper is really quite useless when it comes to dealing with bacteria and germs in and around private areas after a visit to restroom. Let’s say, would you use a paper towel to clean your foot if you happen to step in mud? I am sure, no. You would wash your foot with water as we all know that water is the most effective cleanser for such dirty jobs.

So, you must be wondering how you were ever made to believe otherwise. Just make a simple calculation and see how much money you spend on toilet paper every month and then multiply it with 12. Then multiply it with all those years you have been using toilet paper and the number of Americans who have been doing the same for many, many years. So you see why effective and economical washing alternatives like the bidet toilet seat have been undermined all these years.

Water has been the most preferred method of cleaning for thousands of years, in other cultures around the world. Not only a bidet toilet seat offers most effective cleaning of private parts after a big job but also hands free cleaning experience.
Bidet toilet seats do not need extra plumbing, expensive contractors, or expensive parts that were required by traditional bidets. It can be attached to almost all toilets, replacing your existing seat, and connects to the existing plumbing.

Basic Bidet, a leading bidet shop, offers a wide range of high quality, electric and non-electric bidets to help enhance personal hygiene to everyone including children, senior citizens, people with physical handicap and Haemorrhoids. For more information about the different types of bidets and bidet toilet seat available, please logon to their website at

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Better Personal Hygiene with Basic Bidets

Researchers in a study for the American Society for Microbiology found that only 77% of people wash their hands after using the restroom. Appalling, isn’t it? But then personal hygiene is a matter of choice. While a majority of Americans use toilet paper without giving it a second thought, a vast world population considers usage of toilet tissues extremely unhygienic. In fact, millions of people opt for bidets to clean themselves after using restroom. Bidets provide the easiest and quickest way of improving personal hygiene as wiping alone is not sufficient for removing the dirt on your posterior.

Bidets are available in a wide variety to suit varied needs of individuals. Most people get a separate fixture mounted next to their toilet seat. These can also be used for sitz baths which is a type of “sitting bath” extremely helpful for patients who just had surgery of rectum or surrounding areas.  Warm sitz bath also eases the pain of prostate infections, haemorrhoids or uterine cramps. In case of diarrhoea, rashes, and infections, bidets can prove to be tremendously helpful as use of toilet tissue may actually aggravate already painful situations.

However, you can get a bidet attached to your existing toilet if you are not interested in separate fixture. You can also find portable bidets in the market if your lifestyle involves lots of moving around. Bidets come with a lot of interesting options and can make ‘big job’ a practise in luxury. You can have bidets with heated seats, streams with adjustable temperature, pulsating stream, built in dryers to completely eliminate the need to use toilet paper. Warm water jet, followed by warm air dryer, cleans and dries to keep tenderness and irritation away. Heated seats keep you warm and comfortable on a cold day and massaging feature is great for relaxing massage to the thighs after a long and tiring day. Bidets are invaluable for senior citizens, disabled, those suffering from incontinence or impaired motor functions.

You can find a wide variety of bidets at These extremely handy and affordable bidet can make a great difference in your comfort and personal hygiene. Whether you are looking for latest electronic bidets or portable, to check the hottest models, logon to

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