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Accentuate your Bathrooms with Bidet Toilet Seat

Do you really want to accentuate the bathroom place with good design of bidets? Hook up to this write up to know the best way to maintain hygiene in the washroom using the high standards of bidets. In general terms, … Continue reading

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What Makes Bidets Better Than Toilet Tissues

Believe it or not but toilet paper is among the leading reasons that leads to cutting down of millions of trees every year! So, although you may be environmentally conscious with solar lights installed in your home and no plastic … Continue reading

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Don’t you know about what Electronic and PortableBidet is? You got to be Kidding Me!

If someone talks a lot about personal hygiene and at the mention of potable bidet turns yellow, simply exposing his half cooked knowledge about personal cleanliness, which he might have gained from some old stereotype so called hygiene honchos. The … Continue reading

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Bidets – the Hygienic Substitute for Toilet Paper

Not many people know that the history of the bidet is centuries old and it is an essential part of the personal hygiene around the world. Bidets originated in France and at that time, full body bathing was problematic for … Continue reading

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Get Superior Personal Hygiene With Electronic Bidets

With increased awareness, people are awakening to the need of maintaining better hygiene in their life. However, there is one aspect that most of them seem to overlook when it comes to keeping one’s body clean and infection free. We … Continue reading

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Better Personal Hygiene with Basic Bidets

Researchers in a study for the American Society for Microbiology found that only 77% of people wash their hands after using the restroom. Appalling, isn’t it? But then personal hygiene is a matter of choice. While a majority of Americans … Continue reading

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Switch to Bidets- A Wise and Hygienic Move

Imagine a well dressed stunningly beautiful woman smelling bad or even worse, scratching her bumps! Sound appalling no? Well, to look good, one needs to do much more than just wear good fashionable clothes. Maintaining high level of hygiene is … Continue reading

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