What Makes Bidets Better Than Toilet Tissues

Believe it or not but toilet paper is among the leading reasons that leads to cutting down of millions of trees every year! So, although you may be environmentally conscious with solar lights installed in your home and no plastic bags sticker on your refrigerator, yet if you believe that toilet paper is better than bidets then you still have a long way to go. Toilet rolls are not only damaging our green planet but they are also much less hygienic than water.

Bidet have been used in Europe and rest of the world where people realise that water is a better cleaning agent than paper. Water thoroughly cleanses the private area, which helps to reduce the chances of bacteria to germinate. This, in turn eliminates the risk of infection. Dry toilet paper can’t clean the delicate surfaces effectively as it leave traces of filth on your back side.

The earlier models of bidets were used as separate fixtures next to the toilet seats. However, now they can be attached to the existing toilet too. Depending on your bathroom décor, you can opt for a wide range of designs and extra luxuries. For cold areas, an electric bidet is the right option as it provides warm water for better cleaning and comfort. This feature is also available with certain models of non-electric bidets that allow switching between two water sources.

Heated seats, pulsating streams, temperature adjustment for washing stream and integrated dryer options make these bidets high on features, giving the user much needed comfort and hygiene.

We have always recognised water as the best agent for cleaning. Then when it comes to cleaning one of the most sensitive parts of the body, why do we opt for rough and abrasive tissue paper? Fresh running water from bidets soothes and gently removes germs and bacteria from your posterior. Opt for bidets and live a healthy life

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