Bidets – the Hygienic Substitute for Toilet Paper

Not many people know that the history of the bidet is centuries old and it is an essential part of the personal hygiene around the world. Bidets originated in France and at that time, full body bathing was problematic for most, in fact, it was only done once in a week. With the advanced knowledge accessible for contamination and bacterium, thebidetserves more purposes than actually proposed. Bidets help in reducing the occurrence of UTI (urinary tract infection), save paper products, help save forests and assists in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

The people should not starting using bidets just because it helps in saving paper. One of the most convincing reasons is that in order to clean, paper is not at all a hygienic option as using water. Every day we take a shower in the morning because we believe that the water is the best way to clean and it feels good. Just imagine how you would feel while cleaning your body with a paper? You would end up tearing up the soft tissues of the skin.

We are all aware of the fact that the water is the best way to clean. At some places, it has been taught to use dry paper to clean ourselves, but it is not right. Let us discuss the advantages of bidets –

The bidet functions beneath you and the whole experience is hands-free. It also reduces the chances of getting bacteria on your hands and the spreading of the germs in other body parts.

When less toilet paper is used it will help in reducing paper waste. As per an article published in Scientific American, 36.4 billion rolls of toilet paper are used on yearly basis that represents the pulping of around 15 million trees. It also involves 473.5 billion gallons of water usage in order to produce the toilet paper.

The bidets prove helpful during our golden years when it becomes hard to use the bathroom on our own. Some even choose to hire the care givers. To depend upon someone to use the bathroom can sometimes lower the self-esteem of the person.

 In addition to the homes, Bidets are also used in hotels and hospitals. There are bidets that are available with electronic bidet seat that replace the existing commonly used seats. These bidets come with enema wash features. These types of bidets are mainly helpful in the cases of constipation and diarrhea.

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