Switch to Bidets- A Wise and Hygienic Move

Imagine a well dressed stunningly beautiful woman smelling bad or even worse, scratching her bumps! Sound appalling no? Well, to look good, one needs to do much more than just wear good fashionable clothes. Maintaining high level of hygiene is the first step towards looking confident and good. With bidets, you can be insured that your hygiene will never be compromised at any rate.

The level of cleanliness provided by a toilet paper and that provided by a bidet differs greatly. We have often heard of food poisoning caused due to faecal bacteria contamination. Well, such cases occur due to insufficient cleaning that allow micro-organisms to get inside our body and cause several types of infections. When using tissue paper, many people don’t feel the need to wash their hands after they use the washroom. For such people, bidets provide complete hands free operation keeping you germ-free even after your washroom trip.

Patients suffering from hemorrhoids and urinary tract infection often complain of rashes around their genitalia. When they use toilet paper, this problem is further aggravated. This is due to various scents and colours used in the toilet. By using bidets, you can prevent various infections and also get relief from cramps, constipation, and rashes.

As per a research, 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper are consumed by Americans alone each year! The tissue papers are made by cutting millions of trees, causing a major threat to our environment. However, by switching over to bidets that uses water, we not only ensure perfect hygiene but also contribute positively to our nature and environment.

Being the conscious citizens, we must take it upon ourselves to do away with everything that causes harm to our environment. With bidets, we can take our personal hygiene to a higher level. It’s time to bid adieu to those rolls of tissue paper that have nothing good to offer to us and our environment.

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About basicbidet

NY Bidet shop, Basic Bidet is your one stop shop for electronic bidets, portable bidets, bidet toilet seats in NY Manhattan. For more visit http://www.basicbidet.com.
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