Dispelling Fallacies Surrounding the use of Bidets

Most of us, who have been using toilet paper for generations, find the concept of using bidets a bit awkward. However, if we remember the fact that most of our everyday body cleansing is done with water, it will be easier to accept the concept of using bidets. Not only is the bidet a more natural way of cleaning yourself after going to the restroom, it is in fact more hygienic as well. However, given the skeptical nature of human mind, many misconceptions have been making rounds about the usage of bidet.

One of the most common misconceptions about bidet usage is that it will discharge the water up into the bottoms. This is entirely untrue as the device is designed to spray the water on the outer surface of the butt. Moreover, one can control the speed of flow of water as per one’s own comfort level.

Another common misconception that concerns people considering installing a bidet is that it will cause large amounts of water to be wasted. Studies have shown that the average time for which people wash their butts with the help of a bidet is around fifteen seconds. It is therefore quite understandable that the quantity of water used during this duration is definitely much lesser than what it takes to clean one’s hands.

Some people also feel that the saving of toilet paper will be negated by the water wasted through the usage of bidets. For the information of such people, the manufacturing of a single roll of toilet paper requires many gallons of water, which can be easily saved by using bidets.

People also doubt whether a bidet will fit in their bathrooms or not. Well, there is a wide range of bidets available in the market and one can chose as per one’s need and bathroom space. Moreover, the choice can also be made between a hand operated bidet and an electronic bidet as per budget and convenience.

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