Accentuate your Bathrooms with Bidet Toilet Seat

Do you really want to accentuate the bathroom place with good design of bidets? Hook up to this write up to know the best way to maintain hygiene in the washroom using the high standards of bidets.

In general terms, bidet is a bathroom fixture used on toilet seat to clean the personal area using water. The immensely popular installation of bidet on toilet seat gives the person a neat and clean hygiene without dirtying their hands. The standard bidet fixture resembles a sink with affixed handles and nozzle for comfortable use. 

It is the common toilet accessory used globally. The emergence of these bidets came into light in European and Asian countries making it as the basic need of washroom area across the world. This multifarious gadget is used in non-electric, Electric or automatic form to give the user immense satisfaction. This makes people aware of the importance of keeping personal hygiene while using toilets and washroom in or out of homes.

Earlier, whenever a person used toilet seat he or she normally relied on toilet paper or tissue to clean the genital area but the arrival of bidets in every home these days, make the cleaning very hygienic and  comfortable. The use of bidet for kids is damn necessary because being small in age they fail to ascertain the remarkable use of bidets to clean the butt area properly instead of using tissue.

If you have an aged or disabled member at home, then installing the bidet toilet seat in bathroom becomes the dire necessity. It is because aged or disable person find it difficult to clean them properly once going to loo, so, the bidet attached to the toilet seat may help them to clean their butts with a click of button. All you need to do sit on the toilet seat and switch on the bidet button, the ample amount of water pressure sprayed on the butt or genital area for effective cleaning.

Following the immense popularity of bidet, there are several companies flourishing in the market offering interestingdesigns, styles and shapes depending on the toilet seat requirement and quality. Let us know the basic types of bidet toilet seat:


  • Porcelain or non-electric: It is the traditional type of bidet made to affix separately on the seat, being made of porcelain material it requires a good amount of space for its installation. It is one of the rare pieces of bath accessories thus, tend to quite costly. It requires a careful handling. Besides this, it’s one outlet was attached to the water tap that need to be put on at the time of use.


  • Electric: It is the widely used bathroom accessory these days, which compact, handy and user-friendly in nature. Like the non-electric ones, it is also attached to toilet seat. Fully equipped with power mode and plastic material, these bidets become the bare necessity of every toilet seat. It has additional accessories attached to it such as, water heaters, air dryers and lot more.

Thus, choosing the bidet toilet seat is just a click away, browse the net now.for more information, visit


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What Makes Bidets Better Than Toilet Tissues

Believe it or not but toilet paper is among the leading reasons that leads to cutting down of millions of trees every year! So, although you may be environmentally conscious with solar lights installed in your home and no plastic bags sticker on your refrigerator, yet if you believe that toilet paper is better than bidets then you still have a long way to go. Toilet rolls are not only damaging our green planet but they are also much less hygienic than water.

Bidet have been used in Europe and rest of the world where people realise that water is a better cleaning agent than paper. Water thoroughly cleanses the private area, which helps to reduce the chances of bacteria to germinate. This, in turn eliminates the risk of infection. Dry toilet paper can’t clean the delicate surfaces effectively as it leave traces of filth on your back side.

The earlier models of bidets were used as separate fixtures next to the toilet seats. However, now they can be attached to the existing toilet too. Depending on your bathroom décor, you can opt for a wide range of designs and extra luxuries. For cold areas, an electric bidet is the right option as it provides warm water for better cleaning and comfort. This feature is also available with certain models of non-electric bidets that allow switching between two water sources.

Heated seats, pulsating streams, temperature adjustment for washing stream and integrated dryer options make these bidets high on features, giving the user much needed comfort and hygiene.

We have always recognised water as the best agent for cleaning. Then when it comes to cleaning one of the most sensitive parts of the body, why do we opt for rough and abrasive tissue paper? Fresh running water from bidets soothes and gently removes germs and bacteria from your posterior. Opt for bidets and live a healthy life is a great place to find a wide variety of bidet at one place. No matter what your requirement or budget is, you are sure to find just the right bidet to suit all your needs. To find the wide variety of latest and affordable bidets, logon to

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Don’t you know about what Electronic and PortableBidet is? You got to be Kidding Me!

If someone talks a lot about personal hygiene and at the mention of potable bidet turns yellow, simply exposing his half cooked knowledge about personal cleanliness, which he might have gained from some old stereotype so called hygiene honchos. The concept of using water for ablution after toilet is not new for Europeans, South East Asians and many other parts of the world, but it may be a new thing for Americans. Let us explore what these bidets are and what are its uses:

What is a bidet?

First of all, we need to understand what is a bidet and where this particular word was derived from, so here is what the best free encyclopedia (www. has to say about it, “A bidet is a low-mounted plumbing fixture or type of sink intended for washing the genitalia, inner buttocks, and anus.” After exploring the history of this particular word called bidet, the researcher conclude that bidet was a French word and the dictionary meaning of the word is a Pony, yah that right a garden horse. While digging its etymology the fact that came out was, this name was given to it because it is used in the same way like a pony is ridden. With the passage of time, these bidets, which were furniture in the beginning, are now pragmatically mastered bidet seatsequipped with a preference of warm and cold water.

Used of thisbidets in toilet –

Most of us must agree that hygiene is about complete cleanliness and is not confined to bathing, teeth brushing, manicures or pedicures. It is something more than that, in other word using a toilet paper for cleaning is no way a hygienic thing, one have to user water. Now, the questions that might me popping in your head is, “What the heck, are we supposed to use our hand for this? Is not that germy and contagious? On what ground one claims it as a high level of cleanliness?” Indisputably, these questions are completely acceptable because, it is not all wise to wipe germs with bare hands and thus invite infections that may be transmitted through urine and feces. In that case, there are some electronic and portable bidets available in the market, which completely eliminates the use of hand. As far as portable bidetis concerned, the help user to clean their genitals after defecate, with a water which is pressured out gently out from nozzle when squeezed.

Therefore, next time do keep in mind that what is the modern definition of hygiene and before buying an electronic or portable bidet, do take necessary consideration about its use and features.

For more information about the electronic or portable bidet, please logon to


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Bidets – the Hygienic Substitute for Toilet Paper

Not many people know that the history of the bidet is centuries old and it is an essential part of the personal hygiene around the world. Bidets originated in France and at that time, full body bathing was problematic for most, in fact, it was only done once in a week. With the advanced knowledge accessible for contamination and bacterium, thebidetserves more purposes than actually proposed. Bidets help in reducing the occurrence of UTI (urinary tract infection), save paper products, help save forests and assists in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

The people should not starting using bidets just because it helps in saving paper. One of the most convincing reasons is that in order to clean, paper is not at all a hygienic option as using water. Every day we take a shower in the morning because we believe that the water is the best way to clean and it feels good. Just imagine how you would feel while cleaning your body with a paper? You would end up tearing up the soft tissues of the skin.

We are all aware of the fact that the water is the best way to clean. At some places, it has been taught to use dry paper to clean ourselves, but it is not right. Let us discuss the advantages of bidets –

The bidet functions beneath you and the whole experience is hands-free. It also reduces the chances of getting bacteria on your hands and the spreading of the germs in other body parts.

When less toilet paper is used it will help in reducing paper waste. As per an article published in Scientific American, 36.4 billion rolls of toilet paper are used on yearly basis that represents the pulping of around 15 million trees. It also involves 473.5 billion gallons of water usage in order to produce the toilet paper.

The bidets prove helpful during our golden years when it becomes hard to use the bathroom on our own. Some even choose to hire the care givers. To depend upon someone to use the bathroom can sometimes lower the self-esteem of the person.

 In addition to the homes, Bidets are also used in hotels and hospitals. There are bidets that are available with electronic bidet seat that replace the existing commonly used seats. These bidets come with enema wash features. These types of bidets are mainly helpful in the cases of constipation and diarrhea.

 For more detailed information about  bidet  and its available varieties, log in to

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Get Superior Personal Hygiene With Electronic Bidets

With increased awareness, people are awakening to the need of maintaining better hygiene in their life. However, there is one aspect that most of them seem to overlook when it comes to keeping one’s body clean and infection free. We are talking about the use of tissue paper to clean private areas after using the bathroom. Even today, many people are unaware that a mere toilet paper just isn’t sufficient to clean the delicate surfaces effectively. Only water can do this job effectively. This can be easily done using electronic bidets available widely in the market.

With bidets you get proper cleansing that toilet paper can never provide. Bidets are high on features products that can easily be operated by just pressing a button. Get amazing cleaning through electronic bidets and completely do away with the expense of toilet paper for ever.

These electric bidets comes with temperature control system that allow you to select warm and cold water washing in different seasons. High end features such as toilet seat heating system and warm air drying system comes very handy in cold places. Electronic bidets also allow user to control the pressure and direction of water ensuring proper cleaning of the area. This can also be used to massage the anal region with different spray patterns and pressure levels to help alleviate any pain from that area. For people suffering from urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, rashes and other kind of infections, these bidets are no less than a blessing. They are also useful for mothers with infants and for elderly people with problems like arthritis and constipation.

You can choose from a wide selection of electronic bidets seats available at as per your requirements, lifestyle and budget. Get comfort and healthy lifestyle with these Electronic bidets. However, only when you actually use these amazing products can you feel the difference it will bring in your daily life. Get superior personal hygiene, which is the first step to looking confident and beautiful.

To have in-depth knowledge about latest models of electronic bidets or electric bidets, along with detailed instructions of installations at logon to:

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Better Personal Hygiene with Basic Bidets

Researchers in a study for the American Society for Microbiology found that only 77% of people wash their hands after using the restroom. Appalling, isn’t it? But then personal hygiene is a matter of choice. While a majority of Americans use toilet paper without giving it a second thought, a vast world population considers usage of toilet tissues extremely unhygienic. In fact, millions of people opt for bidets to clean themselves after using restroom. Bidets provide the easiest and quickest way of improving personal hygiene as wiping alone is not sufficient for removing the dirt on your posterior.

Bidets are available in a wide variety to suit varied needs of individuals. Most people get a separate fixture mounted next to their toilet seat. These can also be used for sitz baths which is a type of “sitting bath” extremely helpful for patients who just had surgery of rectum or surrounding areas.  Warm sitz bath also eases the pain of prostate infections, haemorrhoids or uterine cramps. In case of diarrhoea, rashes, and infections, bidets can prove to be tremendously helpful as use of toilet tissue may actually aggravate already painful situations.

 However, you can get abidet  attached to your existing toilet if you are not interested in separate fixture. You can also find portable bidets in the market if your lifestyle involves lots of moving around. Bidets come with a lot of interesting options and can make ‘big job’ a practise in luxury. You can have bidets with heated seats, streams with adjustable temperature, pulsating stream, built in dryers to completely eliminate the need to use toilet paper. Warm water jet, followed by warm air dryer, cleans and dries to keep tenderness and irritation away. Heated seats keep you warm and comfortable on a cold day and massaging feature is great for relaxing massage to the thighs after a long and tiring day. Bidets are invaluable for senior citizens, disabled, those suffering from incontinence or impaired motor functions.

You can find a wide variety of bidets at These extremely handy and affordable bidets can make a great difference in your comfort and personal hygiene. Whether you are looking for latest electronic bidets or portable, to check the hottest models, logon to

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Switch to Bidets- A Wise and Hygienic Move

Imagine a well dressed stunningly beautiful woman smelling bad or even worse, scratching her bumps! Sound appalling no? Well, to look good, one needs to do much more than just wear good fashionable clothes. Maintaining high level of hygiene is the first step towards looking confident and good. With bidets, you can be insured that your hygiene will never be compromised at any rate.

The level of cleanliness provided by a toilet paper and that provided by a bidet differs greatly. We have often heard of food poisoning caused due to faecal bacteria contamination. Well, such cases occur due to insufficient cleaning that allow micro-organisms to get inside our body and cause several types of infections. When using tissue paper, many people don’t feel the need to wash their hands after they use the washroom. For such people, bidets provide complete hands free operation keeping you germ-free even after your washroom trip.

Patients suffering from hemorrhoids and urinary tract infection often complain of rashes around their genitalia. When they use toilet paper, this problem is further aggravated. This is due to various scents and colours used in the toilet. By using bidets, you can prevent various infections and also get relief from cramps, constipation, and rashes.

As per a research, 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper are consumed by Americans alone each year! The tissue papers are made by cutting millions of trees, causing a major threat to our environment. However, by switching over to bidets that uses water, we not only ensure perfect hygiene but also contribute positively to our nature and environment.

Being the conscious citizens, we must take it upon ourselves to do away with everything that causes harm to our environment. With bidets, we can take our personal hygiene to a higher level. It’s time to bid adieu to those rolls of tissue paper that have nothing good to offer to us and our environment.

Basic Bidet, a leading bidet shop, offers a wide range of high quality, electric and non-electric bidets for enhanced personal hygiene. For more information about the different types of bidet available, logon to their website at

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